Data model

DevLess uses a relational database as it's backing database and can expose as much as you want to clients. Controlling what a user is allowed to access or write can be done by using the rules engine. The same is true for manipulation of data before writing or after reading.

Field Types

When creating fields in DevLess, you can chose what field type that field has. The field type is used for both determining efficient storing, as well as for validation. E.g. the email type is stored in the same way as text, but is also validated.

DevLess field type Stored as Use for
text string Shorter strings/text, e.g. names
textarea longText Longer texts, e.g. comments or blog posts
integer integer Integers (whole numbers)
decimals double Decimal numbers
password string Password. Will be securely stored using a cryptographic hash. Validated to be text.
percentage integer Percentage values.
url string URLs. Will be validated as URLs.
timestamp timestamp Points in time.
boolean boolean Boolean (true or false)
email string Emails. Validated to be a valid email format
reference integer A reference to another table. At field creation, the referred field is specified. The reference is to the generated id columm of that field.
base64 base64 Binary data, for example files and images.

Table relationships

When using the reference field types, you are creating relations to some specific row in another table. The table you refer to is specified at field creation. When inserting data in this field, you have to keep track of the id of the row you want to refer to in the referred table.

Check out this video for a deeper dive into linking up data using relationships.

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