DevLess SDKs

If you were wondering, well how do I enjoy the DevLess awesomeness right within my app wether an existing one or a new app.Well then I am glad to mention that DevLess comes with a host of SDKs that make it possible to connect DevLess to your both your frontend and backend app.

Available SDKs

Javascript This SDK allows you to interact with DevLess right within your web frontend. This works well with major frontend frameworks.
PHP The PHP SDK makes it possible to use DevLess to provide major functionalities to your app easily. So imagine building a new Laravel app, you may use DevLess for your DataStore , sending out emails and performing many actions as this is easier within DevLess compared to other frameworks. 😎
Ruby So just like the PHP SDK DevLess can be mixed up with any form of ruby application be it Rails or Sinatra 😬 Thinking of it , Using DevLess as your central DB allows you to build a "multilingual" app easily 🤔 just thinking ....
Python So the python SDK allows you to blah blah blah .. use DevLess within your python app.
Android And the android SDK will allow you to connect your android app to DevLess easliy. Shoutouts to @charlesagyemang for this one. You rock 🤘

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